LabChirp 1.60 released!

Posted 2019-12-15 15:06:55

Hello everyone! I suddenly decided to work a bit more on LabChirp after some nice feedback a while back, so here is LabChirp 1.60!
Not as big of an update as 1.50, but there's definitely some improvements! Read the changelog and download LabChirp here!

Now I'm gonna resume working on my game. If you are interested in updates on that, please follow me on twitter!

Have a good day today!


  • James -

    Thanks for making this amazing program! It's so helpful! I'm going to spread it around! =)

  • Labbed -

    Thanks, James! Please do!

  • Dell’arena -

    Hello new site?

  • PixieRoid -

    Hello, PixieRoid here.

    Thanks for creating this great application. I will be using it for future game builds and proto-type ideas.

  • Labbed -

    I'm glad you like it, PixieRoid! Good luck with your future projects!

  • rusted -

    absolutely love labchirp, have for a long time. the addition of fx was huge. theres only one improvement i can think of off hand that could make it better. on the batch randomizer a graphical display of the graphs for min and max values would give some really nice visual feedback of the functions.

  • Labbed -

    Thanks, rusted! If you hold your mouse over the panels on the left side on the Envelopes tab in the Randomizer, you will see randomized previews for that envelope with the current settings. Is that what you mean? Or did you mean something else?

  • rusted -

    i meant like two graphs shown at once, like min in on color and max in another, perhaps the space between them shaded, the random gives a bit of an idea of what can happen but the graphing interface can be a bit confusing when first starting with the program, took me a while to get my head around.

  • Labbed -

    Ah, I think I understand what you mean now. A shaded area between the absolute min values it could go, and the absolute max values it could go, could be helpful indeed. Perhaps a second shaded area within, where the maximum "Next X" has been applied.
    I'll think about it. Thanks for your feedback!

  • mj.J -

    Just the envelope SFX tool I was looking for. Thank you! I'll email more comments shortly.

  • Dana -

    I I'm going to try this website.

  • Zser -


    Funny ya funny guy

  • rusted -

    been using LabChirp a lot lately, and a few features its missing dawned on me. a preset manager in the Mutator like the one in the randomizer would be nice, and adding rename and delete options to the preset manager in the Randomizer would streamline things a bit instead of manually having to go into the folder to modify/remove things. other than that a batch randomizer preset values randomizer might be nice, i made one on a discordbot in tagscript that returns random numbers for each parameter based upon the min and max ranges but those need typed in, if it were on a clickable "lazy button" icon within the program that could make it more powerful for workflows.

  • Labbed -

    Thanks again for your feedback. Can you please explain further what you mean by "batch randomizer preset values randomizer"? Do you mean something that could generate Randomizer presets?
    I agree that the preset management is quirky as it is today. I should definitely update that for a future version.

  • Anoynomous -

    those are bots

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