LabChirp 1.60 released!

Posted 2019-12-15 15:06:55

Hello everyone! I suddenly decided to work a bit more on LabChirp after some nice feedback a while back, so here is LabChirp 1.60!
Not as big of an update as 1.50, but there's definitely some improvements! Read the changelog and download LabChirp here!

Now I'm gonna resume working on my game. If you are interested in updates on that, please follow me on twitter!

Have a good day today!


  • James -

    Thanks for making this amazing program! It's so helpful! I'm going to spread it around! =)

  • Labbed -

    Thanks, James! Please do!

  • Dell’arena -

    Hello new site?

  • PixieRoid -

    Hello, PixieRoid here.

    Thanks for creating this great application. I will be using it for future game builds and proto-type ideas.

  • Labbed -

    I'm glad you like it, PixieRoid! Good luck with your future projects!

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