A program for creating sound effects for games, music, videos - whatever you want!
A readme and some example sounds are included to get you started.

Works on Windows (with the .NET Framework 2.0 or higher installed) and maybe other platforms if you use Mono.


  • Multiple channels: Up to eight individual channels. All or any element of a channel can be copied to another.
  • Modulation: For vibrato and tremolo (pulsating variation in pitch and volume).
  • Envelopes: To shape everything the way you want it.
  • Waveforms: Make your own custom waveforms, or use any of the standard ones (sine, triangle, sawtooth, square, noise).
  • Customizable randomizer: For the lazy sound designer.
  • Customizable mutator: To randomize your sound slightly.
  • Batch save: If you are in a hurry and need a lot of sounds fast.
Here is a demo in mp3 format showing all of the example sounds and some randomly generated sounds using different presets.



LabChirp screenshot 1 LabChirp screenshot 2


Version 1.25
  • More quality options!
    You can now apply dither and oversampling.
  • A more intuitive way of editing envelopes!
    Simply click anywhere to add a point, and move a point by dragging it.
  • Curves for the envelopes!
    To create some really smooth envelopes without having to add many points.
  • Mutator!
    To randomly tweak a sound.
  • Back/forward buttons for the randomizer!
    If you accidentally skipped a cool random sound you can restore it.
  • Batch save random sounds!
    Select a preset in the randomizer and save a whole bunch of sounds at once!
  • Faster sound generation!
    Taking advantage of multiple cores.
  • Copy/paste for envelopes!
    Copy one envelope and paste it into another!
  • Added shortcuts to switch channels.
    Ctrl+Tab/Ctrl+Shift+Tab or Ctrl+1-8.
  • More customization.
    You can choose your own colors for the envelopes, among other things!
  • Save/export split!
    Before, both a WAV and LCH file was created when you saved. Now you can choose to save only one of these, if you want.
  • General UI fixes.
    Such as grayed out buttons for muted channels, double buffered panels and DPI compatibility.
Version 1.00
  • Higher quality sound!
    You can now choose between 22050/44100 Hz and 8-bit/16-bit.
  • More envelopes!
    Modulation waves also have envelopes now.
  • New waveform!
    Noise2! Which is like Noise with a linear interpolation. Also, modulations have the Custom Wave too now.
  • Randomizer!
    To generate random sounds!
  • General interface redesigns.
    Some things has been moved to a more logical position and some other stuff has been added or removed.
  • More wave accuracy.
    There were some problems with offset and Noise but it should be fixed now. Also, most values now have one decimal.
  • Easier value edit!
    You can now click on the number next to a slider to edit its value.
  • Undo!
    You can now undo and redo.
  • Other not very interesting stuff.
    Like settings, bugfixes, an about box, menubar and more!
Version 0.85
  • Initial release.