Labhits 2012!

Posted 2013-01-02 01:34:51

It's yet another new year!
Labhits 2012 is now uploaded at, Jamendo and Bandcamp. I couldn't upload to SoundCloud because there is an upload limit unless you have a premium account or something like that. I don't want to pay to share my music, especially not when I'm not making any profit out of it. Sorry, SoundCloud fans!

I still haven't finished my shmup. I have been working on it though, but obviously not as much as i needed to. But don't worry, I'll keep working on it!
I don't know when It's finished. I can say probably this year, but I said that last year too...

Have an exciting day today!


  • Xyvir -

    Hey whats up man. Just wanted to say I love your application LabChirp. I've been looking for a program like it for a long time, and haven't found anything quite like it. It's exactly what I was looking for, and I love it. There are only a few minor things I would like to see added to it.

    1. The ability to save/load custom envelopes.
    2. The ability to "lock" custom envelopes in the within the randomizer menu so they won't be randomized.
    3.An option to add an automatic cross-fade volume envelope to the start and end of the waveform, to eliminate the clicking associated with abrupt starting/stopping of sound. (something apart from the regular volume envelope)

    If you could add these features this program would be perfect. But I love it as it is and appreciate all your hard work. Thank you :D.

  • Xyvir -

    Thought of one more thing that would be really cool.
    4. The ability to import short .wav files as custom waveforms/envelopes.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  • Xyvir -

    Remembered one more thing.
    5. Options for Left/Right panning of individual channels would also be appreciated.

  • Labbed -

    Thank you for your comments Xyvir!

    1. I have actually considered that but thought it would be better if you could just copy/paste envelope data into clipboard so you could for instance copy the Volume envelope and paste it into the Frequency envelope of a different LCH-project (planned feature for next release). Would that be good enough?

    2. Hmmm... Yes... That's sounds pretty useful. I wonder how I would implement it in the interface though. Maybe a checkbox in the Randomizer window on the Envelope tab for each envelope that "enables" it to be randomized (enabled by default). If it's unchecked, it will not randomize the current envelope. Would that work?

    3. You mean like a really short (about 1 ms) fade-in/fade-out? I think I can add that...

    4. This one's tough. Maybe I could add a waveform called "Sample" or something similar where you get to import a WAV-file. It would be cool, sure! But there are some challenges with it. I'll give it a try, but I can't promise anything...

    5. I have also considered stereo! Not planned it as a feature though because I personally have never found it useful to have panning in the sound itself, but would rather handle that in the program where I use the sound (such as MilkyTracker or a game or whatever).
    I think I'll add a panning envelope for every channel. And... Possibly... A pan modulation...? Or would that be too much? There's just so much space...

    Thank you for your amazing feedback! Truly appreciated.

  • DARK MAN -

    i dont know from where to download it

  • DARK MAN -

    this place stinks just like trash;(

  • Labbed -

    LabChirp can be downloaded from the Software section:
    My music can be downloaded from the Music section:
    or from any of the sites I linked in this update.

  • DARK MAN -

    iam sorry for the last words i said about this place and thanks for the link

  • halo -o- nalo -

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  • DARK MAN -


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