Website Launch Detected!

Posted 2010-04-25 19:14:25

Yes!! Now I will be able to show the Internet all of my works.
The site is not yet completely completed, so you will not find very much of interest here. But fear not! The music section will be updated soon with lots of my music from 2007, 2008, 2009 and some from 2010.

Later, you will find a program I made, called LabChirp. With LabChirp you can create sound effects for games or whatever you like. I mostly use it to create instruments for my music but I also use it for sound effects in my games.
No, I don't have any games to show you yet. I have two games that just need some finishing touches and they will be ready for release.

So check back soon, and have a totally amazing day today!!

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  • Erin -

    Nice site! I like how one can comment on the updates. It looks good and I'll keep checking back to see what you've done with it. Let me know what you think of my site in my shoutbox. :)

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